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Kimiya Shokoohi

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The Iranian roots of the US feminist Icon, Wonder Woman, revealed.

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An Iranian-Canadian rendition on the classic Persian tale,

Khalé Sooske. 

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For many immigrant families, Canada has long held the promise of a better life. How Canada has become home for me and my family.

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Bringing new meaning to the notion of running for your life.

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In the search for emissions-free cooling, the Persian "wind catcher"  could once again come to our aid.

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The physics-defying moves from the whitewater shores of Senegal. Nike Journal Collaboration.

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Olympic Magazine - Kimiya Shokoohi takes a look at the Culture and Education programme [...] P. 45

Olympic Magazine - YOG reporter Kimiya Shokoohi interviews IOC President Jacques Rogge. P. 28 - Meet our YOG Reporter in Vancouver! - Diary of a Young Reporter, By Kimiya Shokoohi - Games They Can Call Their Own - And That's a Wrap!

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